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you want to see in the world.

The average carbon footprint for an individual living in the United States is 16 tons per year. With each purchase of Carbon+, one verified metric ton of carbon will be retired in your name and Forest Green will plant ten trees to grow a greener future.


Trees are Nature's Technology

And, the technology that is most readily deployable to meaningfully address climate change. Forest Green is mobilizing that technology through Carbon+.

Planting trees is the most scalable, lowest risk solution to combating climate change. Reforestation offers maximum climate mitigation benefits, outperforming other mitigation options such as natural forest management, improved plantations, avoided woodfuel, and fire management. The act of planting trees on scale will slow climate change, improve water quality, stabilize soil erosion, generate new wildlife habitat, improve the quality of the air, and create new jobs.

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Help us reach our goal.

Every $30 retires one verified metric ton of carbon and Forest Green will plant ten new trees to grow a greener future.

The Carbon+ reforestation program is removing more than one million tons of verified carbon annually. Carbon+ is designed to scale forestry and recognizes reforestation as a technology—Nature’s technology. In order to succeed, we, along with our brands and landowners, have committed to plant 100 million more trees by 2030.


Giving 5% back to nature. Everyday.

For every Carbon+ purchase, Forest Green will give 5% of the proceeds to the Christchurch School place-based education program, Great Journeys. The college-prep course utilizes the Rappahannock River's watersheds as a living classroom where students participate in experiential learning through exploring, inquiring, and sharing perspectives.

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