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Every $30 purchase retires one verified ton of carbon and Forest Green commits to plant ten trees in your name.

By purchasing Carbon+ from Forest Green, you are retiring one ton of carbon from the GreenTrees ACRE project, verified by the American Carbon Registry and Winrock International.

The GreenTrees ACRE (Advanced Carbon Restored Ecosystem) project is a Programmatic Afforestation/Reforestation project of GreenTrees, LLC.

Afforestation establishes a forest or stands of trees in an area where there was no previous tree cover. Our GreenTrees forestry project restores forest on lands that have been in non-forest use for decades. Programmatic afforestation means that the project can continue to enroll new lands and establish new forests, and accounting is done for the project as a whole, not for individual tracts enrolled in the project.

The GreenTrees forestry project is Green-e approved through the American Carbon Registry and was awarded the ACR Innovation Award in 2018.

Carbon Removal Project

Product Specifications for the American Carbon Registry Project: GreenTrees ACRE

ACR Project ID No.ACR Account HolderProject Crediting PeriodACR Standard Version at Time of Listing / Initial SubmittalRelevant ACR Sector Standard(s) and Version(s)ACR-Approved Methodology Title and Version
114C2i, LLCJanuary 01, 2008 - December 31, 2047Version 2.1, November 2010Forest Carbon Project Standard v2.1Methodology for Afforestation and Reforestation of Degraded Land v1.0

GreenTrees received ACR’s Innovation award in recognition of the exceptional implementation of the world’s largest reforestation project both in terms of volume of high-quality verified emissions reductions issued and the number of participating landowners and acres. The GreenTrees project is a one-million-acre conservation initiative that aims to plant over 500 million new trees for ecosystem repair and climate impact in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, North America’s largest rainforest and waterfowl migratory corridor. By partnering with close to over 500 landowners on over 120,000 acres to date to reforest their degraded lands, GreenTrees has enhanced wildlife habitat, improved water, and soil quality, and delivered local economic development benefits in addition to generating over 5 million tonnes of verified carbon offsets for partners including Norfolk Southern, Duke Energy, Shell, Microsoft, United Airlines, Arbor Day Foundation, Blue Mountain Brewery, and Skyway Air Taxi, among others.