The Importance of Planting Trees

Trees are essential to our planet’s health. Recognizing the importance of planting trees, the United Nations created the UN-REDD Program to stop deforestation. The UN sees trees as a natural solution to stabilize our climate and create a sustainable future.

And trees do so much more than reduce the effects of climate change. Trees benefit our environment, wildlife, health, and economy in surprising ways. By recognizing the importance of planting trees, we can become part of the solution for a more sustainable future.

The Power of Forests

Trees are the solution. Nature has the power to heal the planet.

Collectively, we must double down our efforts to scale reforestation and immediately seize this moment in time to grow the future we want for our planet and for humanity.

Carbon+ can repair the past and grow the future. It is a new bundled forestry asset that guarantees future forest creation with every credit transacted. It is a long-term commitment that empowers forests to bend back the climate curve.

Climate Mitigation Benefits

Join the Forest Revolution