Frequently Asked Questions

Are all forestry tons the same?

No, not all forestry tons are the same. It is important to realize there are three types of forestry credits — Afforestation/Reforestation (AR), Improved Forest Management (IFM) and Avoided Conversion (AC). What makes AR credits unique is we first have to create the forest before we create the credits. With IFM and AC, the forest already exists, you just need to making an accounting change on the land to create the credit.

Another way to think about it is to use a sports analogy. AC is a goal-line defense. IFM is defense. AR is pure climate offense.

What is the difference between carbon removal and carbon reduction?

Carbon removal is repairing the past by removing carbon from the air. By planting trees, you plant hope because you are repairing the past.

Carbon reduction is about emitting less carbon moving forward but it does not repair or remove the carbon already in the air. Afforestation/Reforestation is the only forestry type that is clearly a carbon removal.

Are these verified credits?

Yes. All the credits we sell are verified by independent third-party verifiers under the American Carbon Registry. This standard requires that all the tons be ex post facto, meaning they are after the fact.